Is there a future for businesses if they don't embrace change?

Making change happen presents a new perspective on business progress – the defining philosophy of ACAL Consulting - and looks to show that changing the game today can help companies achieve the success they seek and guarantee future success.


It’s all very well finding the innovation that will not only ensure your business survives, but potentially change the game in your industry. But how do you take that innovation and deliver real change to your business in practice? How do you overcome the corporate antibodies? How do you overcome middle management’s natural desire to apply today’s methods to the same problem?

We design and implement business and operating models that will help you make this change happen – that is what we do best. Culture eats strategy for breakfast! Our people have decades of transformation experience across multiple industries and can help you implement the cultural, behavioral and technology change inside your business. It’s this experience that will enable you to deliver what your customer is demanding… before they go somewhere else.

We are perfectly placed to deliver this because we understand both sides. We are a relatively small business ourselves, but we work with big corporations every day. We know what it means to engage with big corporate practice and process, and we know what it means to be a startup. We also know that both sides can learn a lot from each other and as a young, entrepreneurial firm with experience supporting both communities, we can bridge this gap and make it happen for startups and our corporate clients alike.


Organizations are facing uncertain financial markets, global competition, evolving regulation, emerging business models and disruptive technologies. By adapting to these changes faster than their competitors, our clients can unlock their potential for growth.


The size and pace of what’s happening to our world right now is enormous, it’s a complete transformation. It’s as big as the industrial revolution – most likely, even bigger. But because we’re living through it, we’re not seeing what’s about to happen to our businesses. We need to wake up and act now to survive in a new world.

Nobody can predict the future, but one thing’s for sure – it will be digital. Companies that survive this revolution will be those who can fundamentally transform their operating models to support a future state of continuous change. The time between major change events is shrinking fast. Business isn’t usual anymore.

Moving from a legacy model into an unknown digital future is creating a lot of noise – it’s messy and chaotic. The legacy of large organisations is killing them, but it’s also keeping them alive. We understand this paradox, helping our clients navigate their businesses through the chaos, developing operating platforms that combine the best of their legacy systems with new, innovative solutions to ensure future survival.


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