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Smart homes, the Internet of Things, social media, mobile applications, and other technologies are generating an unprecedented amount of multistructured data. This "big data" has the potential to transform businesses and industries and to unlock tremendous value. It transforms how companies organize themselves, decide which technologies to use, and build ecosystems of partners and vendors. The time has come to value data as a strategic asset that can help you win.


Big data, by itself, can’t change the world. But by applying the insights gleaned through the analysis of big data, companies can transform the way the world does business.

Such insights can help reinvent different industries in different ways: By incorporating an influx of sensor-based data from the Internet of Things, for example, companies in industrial goods and manufacturing can assess product performance with greater precision than ever before.

Financial institutions can use big data to integrate disparate information—such as how much a consumer spends and the kinds of products she buys and the patterns in which she buys them—so they can more accurately assess a consumer's creditworthiness or credit risk

The promise of big data is equally powerful in health care, where wearable health-monitoring devices generate massive amounts of new information about the effects and outcomes of medical treatments.

Big data has become a big deal, and it’s causing many organizations to ask, “Does big data equal big value for my business—or is it mostly big hype?” “What differentiates the big data programs that generate value from those that do not?” and “Just how much value can big data achieve?” The answers to these questions might surprise you.

What Defines Big Data Success?



Leaders find a way to get the data they need to meet their goals. They don’t get distracted by data gaps or dwell on how they’ll access all the data that’s available. They focus on the data they need to solve the problem or issue they have identified.


Over time, leaders have attained or built an understanding of how to use big data and its value to their companies. They know what they are trying to achieve with their big data programs, and they have developed detailed operating plans for realizing this vision.

Tools and Insights

Big data is technology-enabled, and leaders focus on getting the right technology platforms and having the analytical experience necessary to make appropriate technology decisions.


Insights left on the shelf are worthless. Companies that win with big data have learned to put their insights to work, altering business processes as needed. They treat their operational environment as a learning lab and adapt to the changes their insights warrant. They also have effective governance models to keep programs on track.

WE deliver data and analytics that support decision making, knowledge acquisition and design of strategy solutions.


ACAL Consulting designs data-driven strategies to transform your business, and we provide targeted expertise in analytics to help solve your toughest problems. No matter where you are on your journey—whether you are just getting started, developing a cohesive data strategy, or turbocharging your existing investments—we help you generate a step change in your return on data. Success comes from partnering with you to turn insights into reality.

Advances in data science, artificial intelligence, and technology enable large-scale data collection and digital-ready technology functions—but extracting the value isn’t simple. It requires a full-scale business transformation. BCG guides this transformation effort, showing companies how to put their data to work, and adapt their technology platforms in a way that generates value quickly, while setting the stage for future success.

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