strengthening urban institutions and systems to deliver improved infrastructure and services.

The Kenya Urban Support Programme (KUSP) aims to support the establishment and strengthen urban institutions and systems to deliver improved infrastructure and services in participating municipalities in counties in Kenya.


Consulting services for the first full annual assessment of 45 county governments (i.e. excluding Nairobi and Mombasa), concerning the minimum conditions and performance standards applicable to eligibility to participate in the KUSP (Contract: MTIHUD/KUSP/APA-01/2017)

Consultancy objective

To assess eligible county compliance with Urban Institutional Grant (UIG) Minimum Conditions, Urban Development Grant (UDG) Minimum Conditions and UDG Performance Standards in order to calculate UIG/UDG allocations. Additionally, the consultancy aims to establish a performance baseline for all 45 counties concerning both UIG and UDG MCs as well as the UDG performance standards (PSs).

UIG Objective

To support county government administrations to develop and implement county-level urban development policies and integrated strategic plans, establish urban management systems, develop legislation and regulations to better manage urban areas, help to build the capacity of urban administrations, and implement and enforce county policies and legislation

UDG Objective

To support urban administrations—through their counties—for the development of urban plans, systems, and the delivery of urban infrastructure and services (In addition, the establishment of physical investments and provision of basic services at the urban board level)


Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, State Department for Housing and Urban Development - Directorate of Urban and Metropolitan; Kenya Urban Support Programme (KUSP) and World Bank

Consultancy Duration

4 months

Consultancy Scope

45 county governments (i.e. excluding Nairobi and Mombasa); 59 urban areas within the counties (As identified by the KUSP Program Operations Manual [POM] and Program Appraisal Document [PAD]; the Urban Areas and Cities [UAC] Act and County Headquarters)

Project Approach

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Victor Ogutu, KUSP Coordinator

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