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ACAL Consulting Engineers is a full-scope engineering solutions provider across the majority of industrial and infrastructural projects. We provide comprehensive inter-engineering consultancy services that require technical know how and comprehensive management capability.


We align expected clients’ benefits with cost and time dependencies without compromising on the quality and sustainability of the project.  We bring greater control over time and budgets through our proven project management capabilities during the entire project lifecycle.

We achieve better results because we have cultivated a highly effective team, which works in collaboration with the client to effectively achieve project deliverables.  We are committed to our clients because we are actively involved throughout their entire projects’ lifecycle.  We build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with all our stakeholders.


We use our expertise to create solutions, advice clients and deliver on projects that meet our customer expectations. To achieve this high-level delivery efficiency; we have implemented a company-defined Information Management Systems, (IMS) to manage our processes and procedures. We have customized our IMS to effectively manage the way we handle projects and manage multi-stakeholders, working groups and the core team.

For every project, we are able to come up with an information management structure, which covers the flow of information between client, consultants, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders. We manage and monitor general workflow and individual work processes creating a detailed, defined and efficient project.


Africa is on an infrastructure boom and this comes with its own opportunities and challenges. Even before infrastructure projects are executed, issues of budgets, aligning business needs and building  an organization's capabilities and for identifying specific opportunities to improve cost and quality performance are critical.

ACAL Consulting offers end-to-end consulting services for infrastructure projects, bringing business support and technical know-how to create a highly successful venture. Our solutions help clients to optimize a fill set of factors that affect infrastructure including: business requirements, project planning and design and execution. By involving us in these projects, clients see overall improvements in time, quality and budget infrastructure costs.

We help clients deliver infrastructure projects on time and within budget. Our proven methodology ensures that organizations capture the maximum project, business benefits and value. We help clients ensure that infrastructure projects succeed and also work to turn around projects on the wrong track. To ensure this, we deliver our infrastructure solutions based on four critical metrics: Project strategy, Technical expertise, Capability building, and Project management.

We help you design a future where you are able to adapt quickly and grab opportunity as it arises.

Delivering infrastructure projects in Africa

The demand for large infrastructure developments in Africa has risen to the unique ways to finance and deliver them. We have created a unique way of undertaking these projects, factoring in the public and private sector dimension; which would accompany these kind of projects.

Even in cases where the projects are purely commercial or public projects, we are able to tailor our approach to meet the business and project objectives as follows:

Managing strategy and stakeholders

Aligning the project with the business strategy and value objectives, detailed analysis of stakeholder positions, vendor management, and proactive risk identification and mitigation.

Addressing Project Details

Capturing both the technical and nontechnical aspects of the project, including planning, architecture, infrastructure design, functionality design, quality assurance, migration and rollout plans, and project scope management.

Building teams and capabilities

Aligning the project’s goals at the organizational level and supporting end-to-end capabilities by the team involved. May also include providing the client’s project team with specific training modules and coaching on hard and soft skills.

Delivering best-practice project management

Setting up a Value Assurance Metrics, creating rigorous processes for managing change requests and resolving issues, managing the project’s master plan, and setting up a reporting system and quality gates.


ACAL Consulting helps clients quickly identify and understand the key regulatory issues that may affect their industry, leveraging in-depth understanding of the profit pools in the industry as well as unique insights into the levers that government and regulators might consider implementing in their sector.

We help clients identify critical stakeholders; understand their position, agenda and priorities. This is especially useful for joint projects that have public and private partners. When it comes to the decision making process with obscure agendas and priorities, we map out each group’s influence within the decision-making process.

ACAL Consulting Mobilizes organizations to get on board the project and get involved in critical issues of success. We build interest and processes; help with allocating resources, recruiting the right talent, and putting in place processes to ensure that stakeholder engagement actively supports the strategic priorities.



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