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We help our clients to implement world-class business management systems to achieve operational excellence. We support them through hands-on training so that they can develop and implement these standards on their own and enable them run efficient organizations based on proven systems and technologies.


We combine our business understanding, technical knowhow and industry expertise to advice and guide our clients on implementation, improvement and refinement of business management systems whilst aligning them to overall business strategy.

ACAL Consulting helps organizations to successfully implement BMS to suit their needs and business strategy. We run diagnostics on their processes and metrics and then train them on implementation and execution. We combine our advisory and training with several third-party tools and technologies to help our clients’ BMS set-up and govern.

Process Performance

An assessment of process performance along a number of performance and organizational health dimensions based on all the major processes.


Many organizations in Africa have struggled to balance the cost of implementing and running business management systems with their business strategy. Sometimes, this seems like an unnecessary expense, mostly foisted upon them for compliance purposes, with no meaningful returns.

The reason for this tag of war is because they have failed to extract maximum value (or any value) from their business management systems because of various reasons – some strategic and others more subjective including lack of buy-in from management or organizational culture.

So, how can organizations extract maximum value from business management systems and achieve the projected benefits?

  • We walk our clients through the business application and investment of the BMS system and align this with the overall business strategy.
  • We are able to catalogue processes and shared services with the BMS system. We then run a diagnostic for different functions to predict the value at stake and then work with the client to set up the systems and execute it.
  • We run extensive trainings to build the client capabilities (ability of the team) to run the business management system. This is very important because this is where most organizations fall short and are unable to realize the benefits of a business management system.
  • We also support the client to install technologies and systems to support the processes. We then train the management to utilize the technologies to capture the full potential of the BMS solution at any point.

That is why we always recommend to our clients to always walk in business experts to support with the process. They benefit from improvement extensive experience in business management systems.

STANDARDS help organizations to improve their performance, reduce their risk and help them be more sustainable


We combine our advisory and training with several third-party tools and technologies to help set up our clients’ business management systems.

For our clients, this translates into instant, direct benefits and long-term improvement:

  • Business value with lasting impact created by improved performance and increased operational capabilities leading to higher efficiencies, lower costs and wastes.
  • Improved competitiveness and brand value due to higher quality products, better offerings and global practices – giving an even footing in customer delivery and process turnover.
  • Decision effectiveness by examining process’ key decisions to strengthen weak elements and to embed good decision making and execution of everyday operations.
  • Thoughtful integration of operations and strategy. No firm bridges the gap between strategy and operations like we do. We bring our clients the best thinking of our collective organization on the forces that are shaping the future of business, culture, and society.
  • High performance culture: created by well-designed systems and controls and enhanced by good decision making and process alignment.

Organization Performance

A comprehensive diagnostic of process governance performance from both a process and a business perspective



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